Hey Explorers! My name is Marquita aka Kita or Kita the Explorer!


I began working with photography back when I was in high school around the age of 16 when technology was way different than it is now! I thoroughly enjoyed the work of the class and still have the printed portfolio to this day. But after the class, I focused on going to college and getting a great degree in accounting...I know, I know! 

Over the last few years, I have been able to travel near and far coining the name Kita the Explorer. I have experienced the cold climates of Iceland to far lands such as Australia. With all of these experiences, I have documented my travels via blog, video, or you guessed!

Therefore, my passion for photography has continued to grow. I officially got back into it in 2017 by buying my first Nikon DSLR. My main focus has been travel photography looking at landscapes, architecture and history. But I am also building my photography within modeling and portraits. 

My purpose as a photographer is for you to see the world through my lens: new places, environmental stresses and people!


Atlanta Charm Magazine, Cover, Monec Walker, Oakland Cemetery (last 3 photos), Uneeda Arnold, and Albinism

July 2019

Atlanta Charm Magazine, An Evening of Fashion and Elegance

March 2019

Travel + Leisure Online, In The Outback

December 2018

Travel + Leisure Online, Paradise in Phi Phi

October 2017



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