2 Years Later and the Fox Theatre

Hey Explorers!!

Sorry I wasn't in attendance last week as it was the 4th and I was out celebrating with friends! But I'm back this week celebrating with you my two years of being Kita the Explorer! As mentioned on my Facebook yesterday:

"‪It’s been two years since I started my @KitatheExplorer venture! Two years ago I started just by vlogging my Belize experience which has now turned into so much more all at https://www.kitatheexplorer.com. ‬‪During this time, I’ve began to appreciate more of what the world has to offer while trying to help care for environmental issues around the world as I go. ‬‪

I’ve also seen who truly supports me and takes time to see my vision to support me who actually isn’t my closest of friends (well I have a few who do and you know who are without me embarrassing you lol). But my family goes hard for me!


I can’t wait to see what year three brings as after two years I have grown my following on multiple platforms (IG, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc); I have more consistent content, and do marketing for amazing companies. ‬‪I have also given back to the environment through my time and monetary donations in Costa Rica, Iceland, Australia and of course at home in the US. ‬‪

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In the spirit of celebrating two years, take a look at my first travel vlog where I took my first solo international trip which was to Belize...

And we can't forget my most memorable vlog which was my epic trip to Cuba...

I celebrated my two years by taking a history and photography tour at Atlanta's historic Fox Theatre!

Unfortunately I missed some of the historical facts while taking photos or hoping soul singer Jill Scott would walk out on stage for a mic check while the stage was being setup for her performance that night (but no). But what I did learn from the tour was quite interesting. The theatre was originally built in 1929 as a temple by Mr. Fox himself. But due to the Great Depression, it didn’t do well and Mr. Fox filed for bankruptcy. A decade or so later, the structure was converted into the theatre keeping themes from the temple.

The building was designed to have influences of various cultures such as Egyptian (the ballroom and ladies room), Arabic (exterior), a carpet featuring the Star of David, and Turkish (gentleman’s room). You can see the various pictures I took below (you can the photos without the logo at https://www.patreon.com/kitatheexplorer ).

When celebrities would stay at the Georgian Terrace across the street, the theatre would stop cars on Peachtree, lay out a red carpet and let them cross. But now you will just see the red carpet in the entryway.

During the 70s, the office building behind it bought the Fox to tear it down and build parking garages. A program, created by locals, helped raise money to save it. And they did! This allowed for the Fabulous Fox to still be here today. And I was fortunate to be a season ticket holder this past year to see fabulous plays such as The Color Purple, Rent and Hamilton!

If you are ever in Atlanta, stop by the theatre for a concert, a play or movie series! Also, thank you to the Atlanta School of Photography and the Fox Theatre for the tour!

Below: Piano in the Fox grand ballroom

Below: Castle appearance in both corners above stage in Fox

Below: Stairwell headed to the ballroom in the Fox

Below: Interior details at the Fox

Have you visited the Fox? If so, what did you see?

Thank you for reading and thank you for your continuous support!

~ Kita the Explorer

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