The Secret Little Place of Denmark: Travel Guide

Lessons Learned

With our girls trip escape to Scandinavia, we spent four nights in Denmark, specifically in Copenhagen. During this trip, I have a few lessons I have learned to share with you all to make your trip to Denmark as easy as possible. After completing my lessons learned, I will provide you the costs of being in Denmark, some sights to see, and accommodation notes. Enjoy!

Here are the lessons I learned while in Copenhagen, Denmark:

  1. Some places in the city MAY accept Euros but it isn't common. So be sure to have Danish Kronas on hand. Credit cards are also widely accepted.

  2. As of early 2017, the City of Copenhagen does not have Uber or Lyft (riding sharing services). You can call 45454545 to have a taxi pick you up to take you to any location in the city (just be sure to have your location, preferably the address, available). The city also has an amazing underground metro and train system. You may also rent a bike to fit in with the locals!

  3. The city is slightly expensive coming from the US BUT not overwhelming!

  4. Be prepared to do some walking in Copenhagen! There are a lot of cobblestones there, so be sure to have comfortable shoes if you plan to walk a lot.

  5. Lego was created in Denmark and it means PLAY WELL!

  6. 50% of population commutes by bike.

Denmark Costs

So I mentioned visiting this country could be slightly expensive, so here is the breakdown of my costs (all prices are in United States Dollar):

Please Note: We arrived on the evening of September 22nd and stayed until the morning of September 26th.

  • Flights: $319 - The cost of the flight is split 50/50 with my trip to Iceland. We went to Iceland and Denmark from Atlanta through Icelandair's stopover flights. Their stopover flights consist of flying to one destination but having the ability to stop in Iceland for up to seven nights! So the breakdown of this is: flight from ATL to DC R/T was $223.80 (includes baggage fees). The R/T flight to Denmark with an Iceland stopover was $414.24 (includes travel insurance).

  • Hotels: $251 - We stayed in this awesome and spacious Airbnb in the city of Copenhagen. I will discuss more about the Airbnb below in Denmark Accommodation.

  • Trains/Taxis: $120 - This includes our metro rides around the city, taxi rides around town, and the trains to Sweden (twice) and Roskilde.

  • Tours: $61 - This is for entry into the Viking Museum and for a Hop On Hop Off (including a canal ride) tour of Copenhagen.

  • Food: $168 - We ate breakfast in our Airbnb by cooking food we bought from the grocery store. Otherwise, we ate out for the most part.

  • Souvenirs: $79 - This could go from $0 to infinity and beyond! It all depends on how much you want to spend!

  • Remaining Currency: $9 - I love to always take some different currency back home!

My total spend for Denmark was $1,007. There are always ways to manage your costs such as staying in a different location, monitoring flights, or proper transportation planning. I can help you plan your trip to Denmark or anywhere else to help you stay under budget and have the best time! You can start the process by visiting here:

Things to See

  • Malmo, Sweden: About a 20-30 minute train ride from the Copenhagen city center. Learn from our mistakes! As of 2015, both Sweden and Germany requires everyone entering the country by train to show their passports (which isn't a normal process for the EU). So we didn't have our passports and we got DEPORTED! When we went back the next day, they didn't check them. But just be on the safe side and take your passport if you plan to visit Sweden.

  • Hop On Hop Off Tour (about $40 with canal ride): - Here you can see things from The Little Mermaid statue, the Royal Palace, Freetown, and much much more! The tour passes last for 48 hours and you can purchase a canal tour add on!

Denmark Accommodation

We stayed in an awesome flat in a great location in Copenhagen! The flat is two levels with three bedrooms, a sitting area, a kitchen and one bathroom. The host was very friendly and helpful! She did have two cats there which were cool but if you are allergic, this isn't the place for you. The flat is also at the top of seven flights of stairs, so don't stay here if you aren't capable as there isn't an elevator. You may view more about the Airbnb here:

To see my entire adventure through video, visit!

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