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What is the purpose of Kita the Explorer?

There are already tons of travel blogs and sites dedicated to seeing the world, why add another one? Well yes, I love telling you about my adventures and helping others travel to their parts unknown BUT the environment, our planet, our home, is my biggest concern!

First, let me tell you WHY the environment is important to me. The environment, planet Earth, is our one and only home! Just think, you keep your personal house in the condition you want and you do not want someone coming in and changing the way you manage your personal house, right? Well that is what us humans are doing to the environment. We are altering the way Mother Nature is managing its home we have been invited to live in. These alterations are causing long term issues for Earth which leads to climate change. Climate change is the leading cause of droughts, forest fires, melting glaciers, sea levels rising and much much more.

I recently watched a great documentary called The Age of Consequences. The documentary is a little over an hour long and I suggest everyone watch it. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and STARZ. Here is a link to the documentary on STARZ: The Age of Consequences.

So you ask, what is the documentary about? Well it discusses that climate change is the underlying issue to many problems such as war, migration, drastic weather, and instability. In regions strongly affected by climate change, extremists tend to thrive because they can control the ultimate source of survival...water (due to droughts). This then leads to refugee and migrant crisis as these individuals leave their homes in search of water, food and safety.

The documentary also touches on how the military is having increased responsibility in responding to climate change issues in which eventually they will not have enough resources to respond. Also, a new ocean is being created in the Arctic which hasn’t taken place since the last Ice Age.

The moral of this documentary is we have to do more for our one and only home. We need to invest in alternative energy sources, recycle and do as much as possible to take care of our planet.

What does Kita the Explorer personally do to help this planet?

I invest my time at home or abroad in projects to help the environment in which I call environmental travel. I also give money to organizations I believe in to protect it. The environment is important at home, abroad, at work, on vacation, EVERYWHERE!!!

Every trip I take (that I plan), starting in 2017, I will dedicate time in that country to help. My most recent environmental travel trip was in Costa Rica. I spent a day at Proyecto Asis which helped animals of the rainforest. Visiting this conservation was very eye opening. I saw:

  • a raccoon with a neurology problem as it was hit by a car;

  • monkeys to used to humans and unable to return home;

  • birds feathers damaged (but growing back) after living with humans;

  • a toucans beak damaged by a human pouring acid on it in which it uses to eat;

  • and much more...

This conservation is doing everything it can to help these animals return to their natural homes. The biggest lesson I learned from this trip is you should keep animals in their habitat and let nature happen! You can view this environmental experience in my Costa Rica adventure vlog starting at 8:12 (you can always watch it all) here: https://www.kitatheexplorer.com/costa-rica.

It is also extremely important to help the environment at home by recycling or helping other initiatives. I love volunteering for Trees Atlanta! But I'm sure there are other activities you can get involved with near your home. If you need help getting started on recycling, view some tips here: https://americarecyclesday.org/recycling-tips-of-the-day/.

If I don't plan a trip or can't find feasible environmental work wherever I go, I donate to a cause important to that country. For example, I donated to Landvernd in Iceland as I wasn't able to participate in an activity while visiting that country.

What are all the environmental organizations Kita the Explorer donates to and how can I get involved?

I have four very specific organizations I donate to with different purposes but the main mission is to help the planet. I will explain each and let you know how to get involved!!

  1. Earthjustice: Per their website, "Earthjustice has been the legal backbone for thousands of organizations, large and small". You can help by buying the long sleeves women's shirt and half the profits will go to Earthjustice! You can buy the shirt here: https://www.kitatheexplorer.com/product-page/ladies-see-change-long-sleeves. P.S. Now through December 25, 2017, get 35% off by using code HOLIDAY17 at checkout!

  1. Landvernd: Per their website, "Landvernd's role is to safeguard Icelandic nature and be an active participant in strategic planning, education and informed decision-making in matters relating to land use, resources and the environment". You can help by buying the long sleeves men's shirt and half the profits will go to Landvernd: https://www.kitatheexplorer.com/product-page/men-see-change-long-sleeves. P.S. Now through December 25, 2017, get 35% off by using code HOLIDAY17 at checkout!

  1. Greenpeace: Per their website, "Greenpeace is a global, independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future". You can help by buying a sleeveless women's shirt and half the profits will go to Greenpeace: https://www.kitatheexplorer.com/product-page/ladies-see-change-tank. P.S. Now through December 25, 2017, get 35% off by using code HOLIDAY17 at checkout!

WWF Australia: Per their website, "WWF’s global mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature". You can help by buying a men's t-shirt and half the profits will go to WWF-Australia: https://www.kitatheexplorer.com/product-page/men-s-see-change-t-shirt. P.S. Now through December 25, 2017, get 35% off by using code HOLIDAY17 at checkout!

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope for you to get involved!

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