2018 In Review

2018 was a pretty decent year for myself. For the world, that is up for debate! Here are the monumental moments of my 2018...


AUSTRALIA! IRELAND! SOUTH AFRICA! Another great year of travel around the world, domestically, and my city! What all did I do in these places?

I swam next to the fish at the Great Barrier Reef, rode a camel (too bad I had to share it with some random person) in The Outback and stood next to the Sydney Opera House while in the Land Down Under of Australia! Don't worry, I didn't see any of those ferocious spiders we see circling the Internet!

I saw the filming locations for Game of Thrones and toured the Guinness Factory while visiting Ireland! Things got a little EPIC there!

I went on my first safari, went to my first winery and saw amazing views of Cape Town from Table Mountain while in South Africa! Don't worry, I won't pick up a drumming career lol!

Back in the States, I partied with Minnie Mouse...twice but got dizzy on the tea cups once, connected with people at a travel show, got some history lessons in Montgomery, ran another half marathon in Memphis, saw a friend get married, and visited my hometown!

I also had a great time with friends throughout the summer at festivals in ATL such as One Music Fest and Juneteenth!

I look forward to seeing what my wanderlust life brings me in 2019!


I'm an accountant by day but a traveler by life! With that said, I entered into 2018 with a job with one of the most TOXIC companies I had ever been with in my career. When I say toxic, I mean starting to make me depressed toxic. Starting to lose my patience toxic. But that all changed when I got a job offer from my current company! They have been absolutely amazing! The people are great! The work is great! And they do a lot for the community! No complaints here as I roll into 2019!


My passion for photography was reborn and I started to take all the way off on it! I have been able to produce some amazing shots that have been posted by the Atlanta School of Photography, the model or stylist herself, Grace Bridal Atelier, and Travel & Leisure! I look forward to see how this grows into 2019!

One of my most recent photos with Ayana at Ponce City Market

2018 wasn't all peachy but pretty subtle. I gained some weight and my foot problems have turned into feet problems. My sinuses suck. And I deal with way more traffic where I work at now. Oh and there was that plumbing issue at my house when I went out of the country. But still a great year!

You may view my review of my 2018 goals and me setting my 2019 goals below:

Tell me some of your highlights (good and bad) from 2018!

Thank you for stopping by!

~ Kita the Explorer

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