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Today, I am packing for my upcoming trip and I decided to stop for a moment. While I’m taking a break, I am going to bring you my list of packing essentials. These are 12 must have items I take for every trip (outside of your must have such as your normal items such as clothes and bathroom essentials).

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  1. Wash Cloth: Some hotels may not have anything for you to use to scrub your body. Therefore, it’s nice to have a wash cloth packed just in case. I learned this in Brazil as not one hotel had a wash cloth when I went.

  2. Shower Flip Flops: Lets be real! You don’t know nor do you want to know how the floor of the shower is cleaned (if it is). So to keep from obtaining any type of foot fungus, wear shower flip flops. The flip flops I have pictured below I bought from Amazon. They have support and double as house shoes.

  1. Luggage Scale: Airlines can be sticklers about how much your luggage weighs, as they should (you may need more fuel for excess weight). Having a scale with you as you travel and buy things will help you know if your are overweight or not.

  2. Hand Sanitizer: Sooo I’m a germaphobe and always have this on deck. But even if you aren’t, you should have this as you travel. Some places you go may not have soap in the bathrooms (toilets) or you may have to eat in the middle of a tour with nowhere to wash your hands. It’s great to have this on hand just in case.

  1. Luggage Locks (TSA Approved): Locks on your luggage may not stop someone from breaking into it completely and trying to steal from you. But, it could slow them down or deter them.

  2. Camera: I mean this is a must! You want to relive your experiences...right?! I currently carry a GoPro, iPhone 7 and Nikon D3200.

  1. Medication: Now you know I’ve lectured you about this recently. As mentioned before, having your medication is very important as you NEVER know when you will get sick. You can read all about it in my blog here: Sick! And In Another Country.

  1. Sweater/Blazer/Jacket: You never know where you may walk into and it’s unexpectedly cold. The plane is the biggest culprit. Be sure to have something to cover up with to keep you warm. Also, you may also want to visit a religious location while visiting a new place. Some of these places require you, out of respect, to cover up. Having this on hand allows you to easily cover up. I had to rent a scarf to cover my shoulders when visiting a temple in Thailand and I wish I had my own.

  2. Bug Repellent: This is really important for places that has an abundance of mosquitoes. Having the right repellent (usually contains Deet) on will keep you from getting mosquito bites. These bugs carry terrible diseases that could be fatal.

  3. Power Pack: Keep your devices charged up as you check out your destination location! I usually keep two with me when I’m on the go!

  1. Poopouri: If you have digestive problems as I do or if you are close proximity with people, you need this. With just one spray into the toilet, you can relieve your digestive tract without smelling up the place.

  2. Wet Ones: These are great for multiple purposes! You can use them to wipe down the tray that is never cleaned on the plane. You can also use them whenever toilet paper DOES NOT exist!

Bonus: Ear Plugs are great to block the sounds of snoring to carnaval partying right outside your window.

So there you have it, here is my list of must haves when I travel. Do you take all of these things? What else is on your must pack list?

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Thank you for reading!

- Kita the Explorer

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