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Hey Explorers!! So I didn’t travel much over the summer because I wanted to “travel” and explore my own city...Atlanta! And I did just that! As summer officially comes to an end, I have to rate the three festivals I attended this summer! Let me break them down to you....

I will rate the three festivals I attended from a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best and 1 being the worse.

ATL Margarita & Taco Festival

The ATL Margarita & Taco Festival took place on a hot steaming Saturday, May 19th for the their 2nd year at the Historic Fourth Ward Conservancy (an area that is going through gentrification but that is a different story for another day). The festival highlights approximately 50 food trucks from various local vendors with their best tacos! I saw the traditional taco to Asian tacos to soul food to vegan! It was great to see and try such a variety of tacos!

But of course there were booths to get you your finest margaritas (well maybe not the finest as they were a little juicy) and live entertainment to compliment your day at the festival. For 2018, the event was free to attend and only $6.00 for a drink wristband. But don't be fooled by the wristband, you do not get any free drinks with it! I hope the festival makes a return in 2019 so I can try more tacos! Watch the video below to see some of my views from the festival!

I rate this festival a 4 out of 5. I give it this ranking because I wish there was a little more entertainment or engagement outside of just purchasing tacos to eat. I also believe there should just be a payment for the wristband to get you free drinks (of a certain type, not all drinks of course) or just show your ID to obtain a wristband to verify you are over 21 to purchase drinks. But other than that, I believe the festival was a great time!


Juneteenth Festival

The next festival I attended was Juneteenth Atlanta. Originally, Juneteenth was celebrated to acknowledge the abolishment of slavery in Texas. But now Juneteenth has turned into a festival to celebrate black heritage (i.e. music, art, history). This year in Atlanta, the festival was a three day affair from June 15th through June 17th at Mozley Park. The festival consisted of workshops, bounce houses, vendors, food, music, a parade, and much more.

We went on the second day of the festival where we explored black vendors from food trucks to a jewelry maker to an author. We also saw a live painter in which I wish I remembered his IG handle as I would really like that painting! We also heard live music from the stage. I ended up supporting the community by buying a book from a local author and some cream for my eczema which has worked quite well. Watch the video below to see my views from Atlanta's 2018 Juneteenth festival!

I rate this festival a 3 out of 5 which is probably partially our fault as we only went one day and didn't see the parade. I really enjoyed the vendors but some vendors were set up too close to each other making some areas very crowded and other areas extremely spaced out. It was also hard to find a restroom, so we ended up leaving to use the restroom somewhere else. But otherwise, it was great to see the culture out and being creative! I hope next year I make it to the parade!

One MusicFest

The last festival I attended was One MusicFest! This is a festival filled with music from AfroBeats to Hip Hop to R&B to Trap! Plus, with the festival being in Atlanta you get to hear from a lot of their local artists! The festival this year took place at Central Park (yes there is a Central Park in Atlanta) from September 8 - September 9.

The festival hosts so many artists that they have an app for you to download and keep track of the artists you would like to see on one of the many stages! You can even set up alerts to be reminded when your artist goes on stage! I wasn't able to see every single artist I wanted to see (so sad I missed Big K.R.I.T) but I still had a great time! I was able to see T.I., Nas, and many more perform through rain and sunshine!

The festival also has vendors for you to purchase from small businesses and a food truck court. They have plenty of bathroom stalls...well Porta Potties which are centrally located. Oh and FREE water replenishment stations which was great in Georgia's heat! I can go on and on about the festival but watch some of my favorite acts from my unlisted YouTube video below! Remember, I do not own the rights to this music but you can see how live they were from my point of view!

I rate this festival a 5 out of 5 despite the hunt for parking! So, if possible, catch an Uber or a Lyft or get there extremely early! But I had so much fun signing along, dancing, talking, and sometimes even jumping to the music! It was a party in the park bringing back college memories! P.S. the cover photo for this blog is me on day 1 of the festival!

Atlanta has so many festivals that it would be quite exhausting to enjoy them all in one year! I hope to try some different festivals next year and report back to you!

Have you ever been to any of the festivals? If so, comment below how you enjoyed them!

Have you ever been to any of the other festivals in Atlanta? If so, comment below which festival you attended and how you enjoyed it!

If you have never visited Atlanta, would you attend any of these festivals or what is your favorite festival anywhere in the world?

Thank you for stopping by!

~ Kita the Explorer

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