Being Single and Travel

Being single or solo comes with a lot of perks such as doing what you want to do, having an entire space to yourself and waking up when you want. But when does it become difficult to travel as a “single” person?

Packaged tours...that’s when. You may find an awesome tour deal for the destination you’ve been wanting to get to through Groupon, Travelzoo or any tour company. But when you go to check out, they add on say another $800 because you are traveling solo! AHHH!! Now, it’s no longer a deal!

These charges are called single supplements. But why do they exist? Per The Telegraph and Trip Savvy, single supplements help cover the cost of the room as it is usually set up for double occupancy instead of single occupancy. This supplement helps the tour company cover the loss for the assumed second person.

For example, I found an amazing tour option to Male, Maldives with Pacific Holidays. I went in to look at what the price included and saw this whopping single supplement fee of an additional $625 - $850 (yes that is in USD). So I decided to pass on that opportunity.

Here are a few ways you can avoid the single supplement fee:

  1. Find another person to travel with you to avoid the fee altogether.

  2. Search for tour providers that offer supplement free options. Telegraph has suggested some companies to look into within their article here.

  3. Do your own tour planning! Become your own agent and book items independently eliminating the third party. This is my favorite option as I’m able to make a personalized experience while finding lower costs.

How do you avoid the single supplement fee? Comment below!

What is your favorite company to book tours through? Comment below!

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