Get Me Through This Flight!

Hey Explorers! I'm back with you today to tell you the top FIVE items I must have with me to make it through a long flight! Local flights up to three hours may be brutal to some but a good 40 minutes of the flight you are in takeoff or preparing for landing mode. That doesn't leave you much time to waste outside of that. But what about those 15 hour flights....yeah 15 hours non-stop is brutal! And I'm fresh off of one. Here is what I need to get me through those 15 hours....

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This item is needed for MULTIPLE activities! A lot of long haul flights have TV sets on the back of the seat in front of you. You can pick out which movies and shows you want to catch up on. On my last long haul, I finally saw Moonlight, watched Titanic, a season of The Big Bang Theory and much more. is great to catch up on recent TV and movies when you have nothing else to do. But I will also listen to music / audiobooks from my iPhone or their TV monitor.

But if you do plan to use your iPhone be sure you keep it charged. Most long haul flights have charging ports but some DO NOT! So it is good to have a fully charged portable charger available to keep your phone charged. You never know how you may need to use it once you land.

Sweater / Blanket

It can get really cold on planes and sometimes adjusting your overhead vent will not help. You for sure don't want to be on a long flight miserable because of the cold air. I also do not prefer to use the blankets provided by the airline for multiple reasons. So I usually carry a jacket with me (and maybe a blanket, if I feel like being bothered). But I have no shame in using the airline's blanket if I cannot bare the cold.

Kindle / Book / Magazines

I don't take all three of these items with me on every trip but each of them are always considered. I will take either my Kindle or a Book with me to catch up material I'm behind on reading. Or I will take a few travel magazines that have accumulated on my table to figure out where I'm going next.

Compression Socks

You should probably wear these on all flights but I make sure I always have them on for the long hauls. Compression socks helps increase blood circulation which in turn helps reduce the risk of blood clotting and swelling. These socks are slightly difficult to put on your first time as they are slightly tight. The tightness is what helps the circulation. To get the best compression socks for you, I recommend visiting a medical store for your first pair. They will measure your calf and ankle to find you the best size sock for you. The good pairs of socks will run you around $24 USD.


I can go to sleep on the plane without one but it makes sleep that more comfortable with a neck pillow. I tend to turn the neck pillow all different ways to get me the most comfortable sleep!


When on long hauls, it is important you stand up, walk around and stretch to help with your circulation. Sitting in one position for long periods of time can also cause muscle tightness. So it is best to get up and stretch! I usually get up about every hour on a long flight to stand either in line for the bathroom or just stand and stretch in an open alley.

What are some items you must take with you on long flights? What do you do keep your body moving? I want to hear! Comment below!

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