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Today, I’m here to talk to you about the “Uber” of planes...JetSmarter. I’m going to give you the run down on their three services and what’s provided. I did have an introductory call with a representative from JetSmarter as a customer and I'm able to provide you additional details because of this call.

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Now, what about JetSmarter??

JetSmarter launched in 2012 becoming the world’s largest private aviation community, moving more annual passengers than anyone else in the industry. Their vision is to create and optimize socially-powered air travel has been backed by numerous strategic and institutional investors. Members create flights on their own time or find seats on flights created by fellow members — all with the year-round reliability, efficiency, and service that are synonymous with flying private. You can learn more about the history of the company here so we can get into more of the exciting details about JetSmarter!

The company offers three options within their realm:

  1. Shuttles

  2. Charter

  3. Last-Minute Deals


This service allows you to buy seats on private jets which are pre-scheduled to major city hubs. It is like booking a flight with your favorite major commercial airline (i.e. Delta, United, etc). You go into the app, find your route, see the price and book your seat.

The only issue with the shuttle option is that it does not offer many routes. A few of the locations the shuttle option touches are: Atlanta, New York, Orlando, Tampa, DC, LA, Dallas, Houston, Bahamas, London, Paris, etc. You can check to see your nearest option on the app. The representative did mention they may add more routes in the future, so that is something to watch out for! Below is a screen shot from the Shuttle page of the app. You will also see a red circle on how you navigate to the Shuttle option.


The most exclusive option is the Charter option. Here is where you can build your own flight and charter your own aircraft! Yes, your own aircraft! You can book a flight from 1 - 200 people to anywhere in the world with this option! But if you do plan to go internationally, especially to remote locations, the JetSmarter Representative suggests for you to reach out to a representative in order to reserve the best rates and arrangements. But for most flights, you can book via the app through the Charter option. See the screen shot below of how the charter page looks.

Last-Minute Deals

They also offer last minute dead leg deals you can purchase which show up to 48 hours in advance. You can book a great deal for up to 4 people on a private plane! Sounds like a win for me! Here is a screen shot of two last minute deals as of June 6, 2018 (the red circle is around the button where you will navigate to this screen):

P.S. The second flight was for

Some other great things about flying with JetSmarter:

  • You don't have to go through TSA or normal security processes as this is privately held. They do have a security check for explosives and narcotics. But they don't restrict your water bottle from being carried aboard!

  • With said, bring any food and drinks you want.

  • It is a private plane and depending on the type of plane, there are weight restrictions. But the rep assured me that if you don't pack over excessively, there are no worries. There has been people who carry both their luggage and golf clubs with them!

  • Oh and since you don't have to go through normal airport security, you can arrive 20 minutes prior to your departure time!

  • JetSmarter has a 24 hour concierge service to help you with any of your needs to help prepare you for your trip.

  • Some of their locations have complimentary parking on site (you may have to register in advance).

  • They also offer yearly memberships at varying levels and prices.

This sounds like a great way to fly if you don't own a private plane and want a luxurious trip! It is also great for last minute routes and ensuring your group is together for a trip. I cannot wait to try out this service! I'm looking for a quick short route to test it out before going bigger! So hopefully sooner than later you will have a vlog on my JetSmarter experience!

Have you ever tried JetSmarter? If so, comment below your experience!

If not, why?

Thank you for reading!

- Kita the Explorer

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