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Hey Explorers! Today, I’m bringing to my you my three favorite US cities to travel to, have a great time and explore! I don’t know if I would ever live in these places as for me it would ruin the fun (but if I had to, I would). And of course, I have a few honorable mentions I will list at the end of this post! And one of the honorable mentions I document frequently, so please be sure to signup for my mailing list to stay up to date on those special locations and not miss out on future giveaways!

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My number THREE favorite city is the Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!

Most people know Vegas for the gambling which it does have a lot of. But you can also do so much more there! Here are the reasons why I love Vegas:

  • Shows: You can see shows from free to very expensive. You can see celebrities headline at different concerts such as in the past Brittney Spears, Prince, The Rat Pack, and soooo many more. You can also see free shows such as the must see the volcano eruption at the Mirage or the famous Fountains at the Bellagio! Above is a video from my Instagram of me viewing the fountains back in 2010 (I don't own the rights to the music).

  • Dining: Don't want Italian food??? Well...cross the street and get McDonald's or head over to Emeril's New Orleans Fish House at MGM Grand or head to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris for fine dining and amazing views of Vegas. There is something to eat for everyone in Vegas!

  • Clubbing: Do you like to party?? Well, get ready to hit the scene and try not to get overly intoxicated to avoid ending up at one of Vegas' wedding chapels! You can dance the night away at one of many nightclubs in Vegas or just relax at a lounge/bar. Some honorable mentions for nightclubs are: Tao Nightclub and 1OAK. And for those interested, there are plenty of strip clubs and day parties as well. But be sure you don't end up in a trap and create your real life version of The Hangover!

  • Shopping: Want to do something more low-key during the day? If so, you can spend time shopping at one of several stores along the strip!! My favorite place to shop is at The Forum Shops at Caesars! You can spend hours getting lost there! But it is beautiful and has a wide variety of shops available.

  • Activities: You can also try different experiences such as going to CSI: The Experience (if you like investigative activities), visit Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, take the Hop On Hop Off or The Deuce Bus to see the entire strip, definitely take pictures in front of the Vegas sign (see me in front of sign below), and a lot more!

Vegas made my list because it can be such a great time that you don't want to ever sleep! The strip has a lot to offer and a lot to see that after your first trip, you will want to go back for more! Just fly into LAS airport and take a short Uber, taxi or shuttle ride to your hotel on or near the strip!

Recommended place to stay: Marriott's Grand Chateau as it is gorgeous and slightly cheaper than the well known hotels directly on the strip. It is also a block away from the Bellagio.

Do not stay: Circus Circus is just a no! Take it from my personal experience eight years ago and I have only heard worse stories since!

Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

My number TWO favorite city is Savannah, Georgia!

Savannah is located along the coast of Georgia and it isn't a really big city but big enough! The city is home of one of the torches from 1996 Olympics as Atlanta didn't have a water source for water sports. So, those events took place there which is about three hours away from Atlanta. So yes, there were two torches burning at once (see picture below)! It is also the oldest city in the state of Georgia.

Living in Georgia, I have been able to drive there a lot as it isn't going to have the best flight options to get into the town. But if you are traveling to Atlanta, upper Florida or the Carolinas, it only takes a few hours by car to get there! Here is what to do once you arrive:

  • Beach Life: The town resides on the Atlantic coast of Georgia which means you can head to the beach! YAASSS!!! Take a short drive to Tybee Island and spend the day building sand castles. But beware, the traffic can get a little crazy there during busy times of the year. So plan accordingly.

  • History: Savannah is home to a lot of history. You can learn more about the history while seeing the sites by taking one of its trolley tours. The trolley tours takes you around each of its historic squares showing you must see places, historic homes, where scenes from Forrest Gump was filmed, where soldiers fought, etc. You can also get on and off as you please. The town also have a Civil Rights Museum you should also check out to learn more about its role during that time period.

  • Eat: There is a lot of great local cuisine but I experienced some great brunches! The brunch I will never forget was at The Ordinary Pub. It is absolutely delicious and a place you must eat at!

  • Shop: Obviously their shopping isn't going to compare to Vegas or other places but it can put a great dent in your pocket. You can do some local shopping on Broughton Street or take a quick day trip to the outlet mall.

  • St. Patrick's Day: Savannah is well known for their St. Patrick's Day celebration! Their celebration consists of a parade featuring Celtic societies, pipe bands and Irish dancers! And the weekend gets even better with plenty of vendors selling local foods at tents. Plus, grab you a beer and walk along River Street (yeah its legal to walk outside with drinks there, same with Vegas). With all the people coming to town for this great event, you are bound to run into new people and have a great time!

  • Ghost Tours: Savannah is also known for a lot of haunted activities. Take a ghost tour one night and learn about their ghost stories! This is something I skipped out on.

Savannah made my list due to its historical representation and relaxing nature, except for St. Patrick's Day weekend which was a blast!

Recommended place to stay: The Kimpton Brice Hotel is a short walk to River Street where all the action takes place and its very quaint and cute!

Remember to enjoy every moment in Savannah!

My number ONE favorite US city to visit is New Orleans, Louisiana!!!!!!

YASSSS!! I just can't get enough of New Orleans! Even though it was devastated during Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, the city has revitalized itself and still parties! I love this city as it has a slightly different vibe than the rest of the country because of its culture, music, dancing, and food! I have visited for various occasions such as Mardi Gras, New Years, and for a bachelorette party! I would never turn down an invite to NOLA! If you haven't been there, you must go! Here is what to do in NOLA:

  • Attend one of its many festivals: "Nawlins" is home to historic festivals and celebrations such as the Essence Festival (which I'm still trying to get to) and Mardi Gras (the only US city that has a more formal Carnival celebration). New Orleans does these celebrations well as with their carefree attitude you may be dancing in the streets while hearing a live band play down it. Of course the city can become crowded with these events but stay near the French Quarter and the only transportation you will need is your two feet. Below you will see my photos from 2015 overlooking a balcony during Mardi Gras (the best way to celebrate) on Bourbon Street (left) and people trying to collect beads (right).

  • Bourbon Street: This street still has quite the siting when there isn't a special event. If you go for a random weekend, you are more than likely going to see something entertaining or experience something entertaining. I remember walking down the street one night stopping at random clubs or bars and having a great time dancing. But please don't take your kids! I have seen families on the street where they probably just walked past a stripper hanging out of a door front.

  • Try New Foods: OMG the eating in New Orleans is one of the best! You must try alligator, gumbo, crawfish, jambalaya and many more foods with their Louisiana cajun flavor! They also have the famous beignets you must try from Cafe Du Monde in which they have fast service despite the incredibly long lines. This is the historical place and most famous! We did find

beignets better than theirs but it looks like they may have went out of business. Lastly, be sure to try some delicious King Cake.

  • Try Famous Alcoholic Drinks: New Orleans is known for their famous drinks called the Hurricane and the Hand Grenade. The Hand Grenade is delicious but quite potent....don't drink too many! P.S. It is stronger on the rocks than frozen! Bars that sell Hand Grenades are located up and down Bourbon Street. Check out the line up of hand grenades in the slideshow below!

  • Other Activities: If you want to slow the pace down a little, try taking a tour around the French Quarter and other neighborhoods. Or try looking at some of their cute shotgun homes. You may also want to visit a NBA or NFL game, depending on the time of year.

I visited New Orleans back in 2016 for a bachelorette party, check out the video on my YouTube channel. So, hop on the road or catch a plane to MSY airport to experience a city like no other!

Recommended place to stay: AirBnb off of Bourbon Street in the French Quarter! Stay luxurious and near the action.

And remember when you head down to the bayou, laissez les bons temps rouler - let the good times roll!

Here are my honorable mentions:

Atlanta, GA:

It is home and I felt I would be biased to even consider it being in my top three! But before living here, I used to visit at least once a year! Atlanta is great for festivals on top of festivals, museums, Coca-Cola (visit the World of Coke and try flavors from around the world), Martin Luther King Jr., partying, shopping, brunch and so much more! I have only lived here for a little over two years and I still haven't scratched the surface. You can check out some of my blogs about Atlanta such as my art museum visit, rights center visit, and touring the Fox! I also have some vlogs from Atlanta festivals on my YouTube channel! So, if you haven't been, please come and check out Atlanta! See me in this picture (to the right) sitting on the couch at the World of Coca-Cola back in 2014!

New York City, NY:

It is the only northern city on my list as well it gets cold up North! But NYC, even though it is expensive is a great international hub! You can meet people from so many cultures there and try their various foods! You also don't have to worry about driving with their well thought out Subway system. You can stop by Wall Street, visit the Statue of Liberty, visit different Burroughs such as Harlem visit the Apollo Theatre, and so much more! OOOhhh and how can I forget shopping! I mean they are known for their Fashion Week! So go on over to 34th Street, shop and get lost in Macy's! And try going to one of their major events such as the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade or NYE Ball Drop in Times Square (still on my bucket list)! See me in this picture (below) headed down to the Subway in NYC from 2010!

I hope enjoyed today's post of my favorite and US cities while learning what you can do there. Have you ever been to any of these cities? What did you think about them? What are your favorite US cities? Where would you like to visit in the US? Comment your responses below!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your continuous support!

~ Kita the Explorer

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