On the Run in Atlanta

Hey Explorers! In most places I have lived, I have had to hit the road and go to another city to see big name artists. But after moving to Atlanta, I have been able to see them by just traveling down the road. This past weekend, I was able to drive down the street about 20 minutes to 1 AMB Drive NW to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see OTR II featuring Beyoncé and Jay-Z!

Obviously, some may love them, some may hate them and some may care less but to see them perform is amazing! If you truly know me, I haven't always been a fan of Bey's character as I guess she never really showed it as a member of Destiny's Child. But I have always loved the music, I can't deny talent. But over her 21 year career that has grown up with me (and followed despite my feelings towards her), I have learned more about her and have seen the person she has grown up to be. Before telling you about my experience, here are the few reasons why I adore the Carters.


Beyoncé is a BOSS

She is definitely the definition of a boss! She owns her own entertainment company, Parkwood Entertainment. She is the creative mastermind behind a lot of her content from her music to cover shoot with Vogue. She appears to be an amazing mother all while putting on shows for her fans. And not to mention she gave a boss performance at Coachella April 2018 become the first black female to headline the festival. Oh wait...then there is Ivy Park, Tidal, movie deals (i.e the upcoming Lion King in 2019, and plenty of endorsements. No wonder she is called Queen! Let me step up my boss game!


I think what truly inducted me into the Beyhive was her self titled album back in 2014 (even though I'm sure she had fully won my heart before this that I was afraid to admit lol). I remember getting ready to go to sleep in my bed in my apartment in Iowa when I rolled over to pick up my phone. I opened Instagram to see she randomly announced and dropped a new album WITH NO ADVERTISING! I instantly downloaded the album and could not stop listening to it! I was completely impressed with her confidence and strength to do this with out one ounce of advertising. Everybody cannot do this but she can! Confidence fully secured me as a loyal fan and allows for me to run my own world!

P.S. She must have the best legal team, friends and airtight non-disclosure agreements.

Jay Against All Odds

I didn't know I was a Jay-Z fan...like a serious one until I went to his concert last year and knew all of his songs since the beginning of his career! He rocked it out! But I have been a fan of his come up! If you haven't read his story, you need to. Jay came from the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, NY where most people in that environment probably wouldn't make it to his age due to being killed or locked up. But he made it out...he defied the odds and grew an empire. You don't have to love him but respect the hustle. Per society, Jay-Z was doomed but instead he owns his own company and is worth $900 million. I know when times get rough, I always know I can do better and make a way.

Privacy and Family

Man can they hold a secret! The paparazzi can't always find them and they still live life to the

fullest! Yeah, some times the paparazzi finds them enjoying a family vacation on a boat but its rare. And as I mentioned before, they must have the best legal team and non-disclosure agreements as you find out about projects when they are ready for you to. It is cool with all of their fame they are still able to maintain their private lives. Hey, they have taught me to do me and work on success without announcing every step to the world and to keep a close knit circle.


In short, you can see Bey isn't a stuck up individual. And actually I know someone who was able to perform on stage with her a few years back (of course we all found out after the fact). I had to ask about her personality and she confirmed that she is amazing and a very nice individual. With all of the fame she has, that is extremely hard to do based on the actions of other celebrities. No matter how successful you become never look down on someone.


Ok, on September 4, 2018, Bey is turning 37 and I'm 31. I just need to know how much water she is drinking and if I can get her workout routine. She talked about in Vogue she hadn't gotten rid of all the weight gain after having the twins...girl I'm glad you embraced it because I'm still trying to get on your level. On that note, let me get another glass of water.

These features are what sticks out in my mind as I progress to what I strive to do! As in the words of my friend Tanika, WWBD (what would Beyoncé do). So of course on top of all of these things that has built their empire, they also put on a great show! Here is what I enjoyed from their OTR II show:

I have been to her show before, Jay, Rihanna, Usher, Destiny's Child, etc. and I would rank this

show # 1 in my books! Here were my top 3 favorite highlights from the show. By the way, Beyoncé said that there isn't anything we can do to keep her away, we family (in reference to the person who got on stage in ATL for night one of the show)!

#3 - Song Cry to Resentment: These songs are very emotional to listen to as well as see them performed. You can tell the songs mean something to them and you can feel the passion behind it. As with a lot of their songs during the show, they would blend from one song to another like a mixtape in concert format! It was great! During this segment, Song Cry blended to Resentment in which I felt the pain behind her words and through her visible tears.

#2 - N*ggas in Paris: This song never fails! It always gets me hype from the car to a concert lol! But the best part of a concert is you have everyone else going bananas with you! It is a song that just makes you have fun and enjoy the night.

#1 - APESH*T: This is the first time I have seen them perform this song live (outside of social media of course) but it was so much fun! A lot of dancing, great choreography, Bey remembered her entire rap, and amazing outfits! This song gets me up and dancing when I'm at home and I kept the tradition at the concert!

There were a lot of memorable moments such as the wonderful guests DJ Khaled brought for the opening act (i.e. Jamie Foxx, The Dungeon Family, and Ne-Yo), our club access to the Mercedes Benz Lounge, Formation, Big Pimpin', and many more of their wonderful hits! If you haven't been to one of their concerts, I suggest going someday but just don't be a fake fan or a fan who runs on stage to ruin it for everyone! Please and thank you!

If you attended one of their concerts, what was your favorite part? If not, who is your favorite artist and why? I want to hear! Comment down below!

Thank you for reading!

~ Kita the Explorer

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