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Portland...A Foodies Haven

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Why is the food so good here? Just why! So before you get too hungry, let me take you on a food journey through Portland, Maine!

Cover photo

Boone's Fish House & Oyster Room

Great for a nice lobster lunch along the waterfront! I met some amazing women during the WITS (Women In Travel Summit) 2019 conference and they invited me to attend lunch with them as they heard this is a great place for lunch. And it was! You can see fresh lobster sitting in a tank right near the kitchen. The restaurant is also right along the harbor providing you amazing views if you sit outdoors. I ordered the lobster mac & cheese and it was EVERYTHING! Everyone at the table envied my dish!

Lobster Mac & Cheese - I had to steal from my IG stories so excuse the blur!

The Holy Donut

Holy s....Donut! When an old high school friend saw I was in Portland via Instagram, he instantly recommended I visit here. When I met people throughout Portland, they also recommended visiting here. So on the way from lunch at Boone's, we stopped at The Holy Donut. We were lucky as the line was to the door but moved quickly and they didn't run out. I heard that once they sell out for the day, they close the store. So it is better to visit earlier in the day to mitigate that risk. When we walked in, I was absolutely overwhelmed! There were so many options! Oh and their main ingredient is mashed potatoes!

Me overwhelmed with the donut selections

The Thirsty Pig

Relaxed and pub style! After finishing our sessions for the day, we all broke out into different meetup groups. I attended the Brown Girl Bloggers meetup at The Thirsty Pig. It wouldn't be my first choice but if you are looking to gather with people and have a few drinks, this is the place! They have a nice indoor and outdoor area...oh and since we were there for the conference, they made us a special drink!

Time to enter The Thirsty Pig


Pure excellence! Will, my high school friend, did it again! This was also on his list of recommendations...and I must say I'm glad he saw my Instagram! You may experience a wait here, but it is well worth it! And you could end up sitting with some strangers which was also well worth it (we found out about more restaurants, got a coupon and shared travel information). when you visit DuckFat be sure to get the fries as they are cooked in well you guessed fat! See the fries in the picture below!

East Ender

Get your drink on in the lounge! So, the waiter at DuckFat told us to grab a drink next door as there was going to be about a 45 minute wait. And that is what we did! We headed over to the East Ender and went upstairs to the lounge area. Our bartender was A1! He made drinks off the menu and they were superb! I wish I remembered his name! We ended up extending our wait to DuckFat to have drinks and lounge here!

I'm so glad I decided to attend WITS this year as I was able to visit Portland, ME for the first time! Portland was absolutely amazing! I'm wanting to visit again amazing! And of course the eating scene was not comparable to it was named the #1 city for food in 2018! Now I see why!

If you are planning to visit Portland, Maine soon, be sure to stop by one of these restaurants or go over to Portland Old Port Blog to find recommendations beyond food!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day!

~ Kita the Explorer

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