Reminiscing the DMV Move In

So at the end of January, I reminded myself about my blog on Blogger. I saw this article about my move in to my apartment in Alexandria, VA for summer internship with the US Department of Treasury (circa 2009). I thought I would share my experience with all of you!


The big temporary move to Alexandria, Virginia for Summer 2009 was a two day process.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I woke up at 6:30am in order to get ready and pack the car to leave Cleveland, Ohio. My mother and I hit the road exactly as planned, 8:00am. I then drove approximately 6.5 hours to Virginia/Maryland area. The trip was not the easiest of course. When driving away from my parents' home the clouds were very dark and gloomy. We then hit the Ohio Turnpike, there wasn't any rain but it looked like rain was in the future. When we entered the Pennsylvania Turnpike, that was the end of the rain anticipation. It not only rained, it POURED! I had never drove on the PA Turnpike until that day. And if you don't know what it is like, it is through the Appalachian Mountains, meaning there is a lot of turns and hills. On top of it all, there was construction. Everyone including me, was going extremely slow on the turnpike which made the trip longer than planned. We finally got off at Breezewood where we took a break and exited the turnpike. When we entered the DC/Virginia/Maryland area, I was using my trusty GPS while my mother was trying to compare with her printed directions (which were terrible and made us second guess Sammie Aka Samantha Aka the GPS). Therefore, we got off at the wrong exit but Sammie got us back on track! Eventually, we made it to the apartment that I would be moving into the next day. It looked very nice from the outside. See a picture below:

This is the Meridian at Braddock Station located in Alexandria, VA. Looks great from the outside. And they are so called luxury apartments! After looking at those apartments, we then took a metro trip to test my future internship/work route. The metro was very easy to use (reminded me of Cleveland's RTA Rapid), the hardest part was understanding the various farecards. My exit would be Metro Center which took us no time at all. We then came back from the Metro test run, we headed to my relatives house for an overnight visit.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 2 of the move in...We woke up that morning around 7:00am to begin getting ready. We packed our suitcases and then headed to McDonald's for breakfast. I had a number four meal (which is a sausage biscuit sandwich) with cheese and a water. Right before eating the sandwich I became sick to the stomach and had to go the restroom. After eating the sandwich, we went to Giant, their area grocery stores to buy food that I couldn't purchase and carry from Cleveland. From there we drove back to Alexandria, VA to the luxurious apartment. After confusingly trying to figure out how to check in and the parking in the garage with tiny spaces, we began carrying my belongings up to my apartment. The apartment looked really nice for the time being.

After my mom left, I finished organizing my space. At that point, my one roommates parents discovered that our patio door was completely off the track and we could not get outside onto the patio. I then discovered after preparing a plate for a snack that the microwave did not cook! WHAT A COMPLETE DEVASTATION! After realizing the serious mistakes of the apartment, we realized and took pictures of all the scuff marks on the walls, the paint on the carpet, the fire hazard lamp and the two broken burners on the stove. The apartment was not so luxurious anymore. We told the RA's about the main issues and began to wait for maintenance. See pictures below:

Later that night, we had a "wonderful" RA meeting. They are not typical RAs because they are "not our friends" and do not work like the average RA on the college campus. After the meeting, we went to find Target. In the meantime, I couldn't find my swipe card for entry to the apartment complex which costs $25 to replace. It took us 20 minutes, yes 20 minutes to travel to a unorganized, under remodeling Target that was only a ONE mile away. What an adventure! When we got back, I found my card which was in the side of the lunch box that was originally in my purse. What a very interesting day, I would say.

This is a precious memory in which I will always behold. I'm glad it is still on my personal blog and available for me to share with you!

Have you ever moved to another city for an internship? If so, how was your move in process? Comment below!

If you have any questions, comment below!

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