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South Africa 411

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

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You want the 411 (in my Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap voice)? Y'all remember 411? For those who don't know, that is the phone number to call for information. But I'm sure that must be non-existent today thanks to smartphones and Google. If it is still functioning, let me know. Hmmm...maybe I should do an experiment. Anyway, let me get into today's post!

I spent a total of $3,315 USD on my trip to South Africa! GASP! This could be a lot cheaper rest assured and I will tell you in this post how!

Flights: I spent a total of $1,955 on flights (includes travel insurance for $94)! Yep, the majority what I spent for the entire trip was thanks to flights. MAJOR SIDE EYE! I spent this much on a ticket thanks to it being multi-city instead of round trip. So basically a one way ticket to Johannesburg from Atlanta and another one way ticket from Cape Town to Atlanta. Oh and a one way ticket from Johannesburg to Cape Town which was less than $100.

On top of Table Mountain

You can get a cheaper flight by buying a round trip ticket to Johannesburg (JNB). This will also be cheaper if you look for flight deals. A couple times of year you may run across a flight deal to JNB for $500+. Also be sure to not fly there around Christmas or you will spend over $1K for a round trip ticket to JNB.

Airbnb: I made arrangements for us at Airbnbs to provide comfort and space. Both of them were magnificent and extravagant. For the entire stay, it cost $410 per person for seven nights. This is definitely a great price compared to hotels. But you could save more by staying at a less extravagant Airbnb.

Activities: During our time there, we did spend money on tours and other activities! The total spent was $480 which was almost the same cost of the stay accommodations. About half of this was due to two major tours: a safari and winery tour. You could definitely skip these big tours and do your own thing to save money.

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Groot Constantia Winery behind the scenes

Food: $152 was spent on food over the course of the trip. That is pretty decent considering we sat down to eat for pretty much 80% of the meals. You can save on this by grabbing quick food or buying groceries.

Souvenirs: I spent $91 on gifts for myself and others. It is easy to save money here...don't buy gifts lol.

Donations: Cape Town has suffered with severe droughts over the years and they do a lot to help conserve water there. I helped the cause by donating $19 to it. It is always great to give back to the community you are visiting in any type of manner.

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Other: This category includes Uber rides and international phone charges as I had to call into a meeting (only $17 - video coming soon). This was for a whopping total of $208. Dang...we was getting around in those Ubers lol.

My homegirl and I on Robben Island with Table Mountain in the background

If you want to travel the life of convenience, my trip may be the trip for you. But if you want to spend less, take some of my suggestions and you may end up saving half on your trip to South Africa.

If interested in my trip, you can purchase my itinerary here for just $1 here!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments by emailing me at!

Thank you for stopping by!

~ Kita the Explorer

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