Staycation ATL Style - High Museum

For the first time in a very long time, I took days off from work and didn't hop on a plane! WHAT!!!

Stop the presses! I took this "Staycation" as I just ended a job at one company to pick up a job at another (one of my New Year's Resolutions - the one I couldn't mention). These days were needed for relaxing and de-stressing before moving on. It was also needed to get some things done that you just can't ever do when you are working. Besides going to check on my foot that I had surgery on a few years ago and getting benign cysts popped off of my face, I finally visited the High Museum of Art (see photo of the building to the right) in Atlanta, GA, USA. This museum may appear familiar to some of you Marvel fans as it was the museum where a scene from The Black Panther movie was filmed.

Below is the scene with Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan) from The Black Panther movie (not filmed by me) found on YouTube channel TheRealKingLegend:

At the time I visited the museum, the permanent exhibitions were going through a reinstallation to bring in new art for fall 2018! Therefore, I was only able to visit the following exhibitions: Permanent Collection: African Art (through June 3, 2018), Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age (through May 13, 2018), and Mark Steinmetz: Terminus (through June 3, 2018). I will now discuss each exhibit and share photos from each.

Please note: I'm not being paid for this blog post but it is informative for you! Also, the below photos were taken by Kita the Explorer, please credit if used!

Permanent Collection: African Art

"The High’s African art collection includes a diversity of art forms from ancient through contemporary times. The collection consists of extraordinary examples of masks and figurative sculptures, enriched by exceptionally fine textiles, beadwork, metalwork, and ceramics." (High Museum, Read More on their Site)

I really enjoyed this exhibit and spent a lot of time here! Also, the security guard informed me this is where the scene of The Black Panther movie was filmed. Here are some of the images I captured while at the museum:

Above: Paper Construction by Kay Hassan, South Africa

Above: Mask by Dan Artist, Liberia and Ivory Coast

Above: Fred and Rita Richman Gallery with African Art

Above: Shrine Sculpture for Mami Wata by an Igbo Artist, Nigeria

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Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age

"This exhibit displays work from an innovative Dutch design, Joris Laarman. This exhibition features furniture designs, applied projects and experiments, which are presented alongside related videos and sketches that illustrate the Joris Laarman Lab’s creative and production processes." (High Museum, Read More on their Site)

I thought this exhibit was quite interesting! The contemporary pieces you could tell a lot of thought, design, and construction went into these pieces. If you ever have the chance to check out his work in person, please do! Here are some images I captured while at the High Museum:

Above: Puzzle Kids Chair (3D Printed)

Above: Digital Matter

Above: MX3D

Mark Steinmetz: Terminus

"For the past few years, artist Mark Steinmetz has photographed in, around, and above Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, through which approximately 100,000,000 passengers, 1,000,000 flights, and 650,000 tons of cargo pass every year. Using the world’s most heavily trafficked airport as his home base, Steinmetz closely considers the activity and interactions that take place at this crossroads of the contemporary South. The exhibition is comprised of over 60 never-before-exhibited photographs." (High Museum, Read More on their Site)

What a great exhibit for someone who loves the plane and loves to travel! It was amazing to see the beauty of the various ways a plane could be photographed over and around Hartsfield-Jackson. I also learned Atlanta was originally named Terminus. I didn't take any pictures of photographs here but I did find this awesome video from the High Museum:

If you are ever in the Atlanta, GA, USA area, please check out the High Museum of Art! They are always bringing in new art to keep you coming! Here is where you can find more information on the following:

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Thank you for reading!

- Kita the Explorer

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