Thankful for Travel

On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m at my home in Atlanta thinking about what I’m thankful for. Every year at Thanksgiving my mom would make all of us go around and say why we are thankful. But since I didn’t travel up north to celebrate this year, let me explain to you why I’m thankful for travel. 

Travel has taken me to places as close as Savannah USA to places as far as Sydney, AU. Each place in between has fine tuned my perspectives on life. I’m more patient at a restaurant as some countries aren’t as speedy as back home in the US. Or I’ve learned to appreciate the infrastructure back home as it is better than some places in the world (but clearly not perfect).

But I’ve also enjoyed trying cuisines around the world wondering what our authentic food is in the we really have one? In addition, I love seeing the historic landmarks, learning history that isn’t meant to repeat, and so much more. 

It has also taught me to not live in fear but respect the environment and people along the way. Oh and I’m not invincible. Not living in fear means book that flight, take that chance and live your best life!

Not too long ago, I found out my late grandmother traveled to the Carolinas to marry her husband. At that time, she traveled to take a chance by marrying someone in the military. She showed this risk taking throughout her life and I am thankful this attribute lives in me!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Comment below!

What have you learned from travel that you are thankful for? Comment below!

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