T.I.’s Trap Music Museum

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Trap Music is a form of music that originated in the Southern U.S. or most notably....Atlanta, GA in the early 2000s. The "Trap" is an area where drugs or drug deals take place. Trap music portrays the struggles of being in the trap or the streets. But the music is also over nice beats that makes it hard for people to stop listening to. Some of my favorite artists within the trap music genre are T.I., 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, Shawty Lo, and the list goes on.

In October 2018, T.I. and his crew worked together to open up a museum to dedicate to the trap...the Trap Music Museum. The museum teaches visitors what a trap house and music is to those who are not informed. And it was a great way to lead up to the release of his new album Dime Trap! (Side Note: I suggest you listen to that as well!)

Upon arrival, we stood in a line for a little while but it wasn't too long of a wait. But we also went the first week...so wait times may get longer. Once you walk into the museum you see it is open for business with actors inside. Take a look at the entrance (top pic) and our welcoming (video below pic) below:

We leave the entrance and walked into the living room where someone's uncle was sitting on the couch lol! He welcomed us into the home. Inside the living room you see childhood pictures of trap rap stars, couches with plastic covers, drugs (they weren't real - ok), and even a fake roach (I don't like the fake ones either). The living room setup was very realistic in appearance and it was cool they had someone acting within the room. See the picture of me posing on the plastic cover couch (top) and a video of the living room below (bottom):

After exiting the living room you head down a hall where it gives the timeline from the beginning of trap music to now. This hallway leads you into several different rooms such as T.I.'s gun closet, a kitchen, Young Jeezy's room, and the Rick Ross room. Check out the photos and videos below:

After walking through this area, we move to the back of the museum where you find 2 Chainz trap area (may look familiar as he had a pink trap house on Howell Mill Rd last year), a jail cell, the wait for the escape room, a bar and photos of other trap stars such as the Migos. See the photos below:

There were a few other areas inside the museum such as studio rooms, a room with other artwork on display, and the escape room. Follow me on Instagram @KitaTheExplorer to catch more of my photos from the Trap Music Museum and beyond!

This museum is especially great for trap music lovers but music lovers I believe you would appreciate this as well. Also, if you appreciate cultures other than your own, this is worth a visit. The museum is very well thought out and displayed. It was obvious time and effort was put into it. I was very impressed and I am glad I was able to stop by. I may have to stop by again! But I hope it stays longer...

The museum is currently slated as a pop up lasting only three to four weeks! So, if you are in the Atlanta area or stopping by anytime soon, be sure to stop by here! The entry for the museum is currently only $10 USD and the escape room is $30 USD. You can buy your tickets online or at the door but I believe it is $10 cheaper if you buy at the door. I also advise you book your escape room adventure in advance as you may have a wait if you randomly show up. If you do attend the museum, please let me know your opinion.

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Thank you for stopping by!

~ Kita the Explorer

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