Why You Should Travel NOW

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

I'm always uplifted! I'm always re-energized! Every single time when I travel, I capture these feelings. But I never know when I will no longer be able to. So, let me tell you five reasons why you should travel NOW!

1. Time Waits for No One

You may have to slow down and care for your aging parents. You may still be able to travel but maybe not as much as before. And if you do decide to still travel, you may have to spend more money by having someone to care for them while you are gone. Per the Pew Research Center, adults ages 45 to 64 are most likely to be caregivers and about 25% of this population is caring for an aging parent. That is a significant amount of the population caring for a parent. And chances are it could be you one day. So, before you end up in that situation, enjoy and travel.

But you aren't getting any younger either. You may incur an injury or gain arthritis, making it hard for you to walk. Or even hard for you to endure long flights. You may be able to plan around these things but some times those aging ailments don't get any better. Yeah they can happen at a younger age, trust me I know...but you should just go ahead and travel when you can!

I say this as I have continuous problems with my right foot. Right before my recent trip to Istanbul, the podiatrist said I had a stress fracture in this same foot. My foot was in sooo much pain as I traveled throughout Turkey. I still absolutely love the country as I was able to mask the pain. But you never know, this could escalate into my future.

2. Illness

You can never predict when an illness may fall over you. Heck you may be traveling when the illness arises (hopefully not). But some illnesses can be so bad that you don't or can't go too far from home or you may have to take alternative routes.

Two examples I have seen:

  • You may begin to lose your sight and therefore you have to wait for others to travel. I actually ran into a blind lady while traveling in the Outback. She was with her husband and best friend who would take turns walking with her. Also, we all described how every location was and told great stories for her to paint her own picture.

  • My granny is older and has also had her hips replaced during her lifetime. Obviously, a long flight would not be ideal for her. For her to still travel, she has had to take longer journeys to get there. But she still enjoys. Hey, she is 91 and just took a month long transatlantic cruise from the US to Europe.

3. Growing a Family

You may be waiting to find the one...you and me both. But maybe you will find the one and want kids to go with him/her. And if you live in a country where people are waiting later in their lives to have children these days, you better travel before the baby train comes. Children takes a couple of decades out of your life. And if you wait until later in your life to have kids, you may be in your 50s before you can really travel again. Yes, you can travel with your family but of course that comes with more costs per trip!

4. Environment

You know y'all ruining the planet right?! And that y'all includes me as well! Climate change is causing extreme weather conditions such as record breaking drought, glaciers melting, and sea levels rising. So you may have once dreamed about a vacation in the Maldives but if you don't go soon, the sea levels may rise above it. You may also want to see the glory of Iceland but some of that glory may be gone if the glaciers continue to melt. Travel now, travel wise, and travel respectably to care for our planet!

5. Government

Now, this may not be a permanent situation but it definitely can be a sticky one. Government relations between your home country and the country you may want to visit may become tainted. Tainted in such you aren’t allowed to travel there. Or you never know what law may go into effect which may ban you.

But an even stickier situation could be military coups taking over the government of the country you want to visit. Or electing someone with very strict beliefs as the country’s leader. All of these could lead to violence in which you should prevent yourself from not going.

So stop waiting for that future spouse! Stop waiting for that one friend! Stop waiting for that job! Just go! Yes, have your coins gathered...but once that’s resolved...GO!!

Now, since that’s resolved...when are your traveling?

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