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“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life—and travel—leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks–on your body or on your heart—are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt.” - Anthony Bourdain

What Anthony said in the quote above is great! Travel does change your life perspectives after learning different cultures, foods, history and languages. It allows you to appreciate what you have back at home or maybe wish you had it on a daily basis. Whatever it is, you should strive to challenge yourself to take those lessons and apply it to your day to day life.

Cultures are different around the world and at home and with that perspectives on travel are different as well. And some of those perspectives may not mesh well with yours. Today, I'm going to discuss with you different travel perspectives I have experienced and how I handled them.

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One of the most annoying travel perspectives I have encountered is others laughing at your travel perspective! I had a recent issue with an individual who did just this! This person wanted to go away on a weekend trip from the Eastern US to a beach with no specific beach in mind. I asked where and received a response of just a beach. Sooo....I decided to think on it. I came back with the idea of flying to somewhere in the Caribbean such as the Turks & Caicos or Barbados which is a short flight from the Eastern US (way shorter than flying to the West Coast) and knowing me I would scrape up some type of discount. When I presented the idea I was outright laughed at!! Then, the person states of course you would suggest to go to Dubai and several other countries in one weekend. Let us be realistic....that is IMPOSSIBLE! Heck, we even did a quick trip to the Dominican Republic for a Dirty 30 Birthday Bash (see photo to the right). Eventually, I was given various excuses such as it isn't in their budget and wanting to spend more time on vacation if traveling outside of the US. If those are truly your issues, mention that and move on! Nevertheless, a less than three hour flight is possible for a weekend trip to a country where the sole purpose is to relax on the beach! I'm glad I didn't suggest Cuba but I did change my suggestion to Savannah, GA! Guess what...we still aren't going! And I don't plan on traveling with this person going forward - at least not internationally.

Now, what if you are all about the "living your best life" life! Well from my perspective, I usually am the one trying adventurous things such as hiking a glacier (see photo to the left) or zip lining through the rainforest. It gives me a thrill that I cannot seek back at home. But for others, they may not be brave enough to reach those heights or they are just not interested. Some other people may prefer to go lay on the beach the entire vacay or take a walking tour (I love these things too). But if you are traveling with someone who doesn't like the idea of doing the adventurous things you want to do or vice versa, you may have to consider rolling solo! This happened to me way back when in New York City. It was my first time in the Big Apple and I wanted to see the city and its fashion. The individual I went with wanted to stay in the hotel and watch TV...I repeat WATCH TV! I knew this person I had my cell phone number, I informed them of my destination and I left. I was not wasting my time in a NYC hotel room watching TV.

And of course there are people who never want to leave their culture but must visit a foreign land. I JUST DO NOT GET IT - in this preference, if you are unable to get out of your "home" mindset, I suggest not visiting another country! This isn't a preference, this is a failure to change and accept differences. Going to another land means leaving your culture behind and understanding a new one. I went on a work trip to Brazil a few years ago and our group had a supervisor reassignment. On the way back to the US, we stopped in Brasilia's airport which was pretty normal for an international airport. BUT...when it came to getting baggage, this supervisor could not believe that we had to exit the airport before continuing (also normal). This led us on a wild goose chase for a gate that didn't exist in the domestic terminal. I tried to patiently speak to someone but he kept rushing around and complaining that no one spoke English!!! I mean seriously their language is Portuguese! This was a tough situation as it was the supervisor...YIKES! So unfortunately I had to tag along on his rampage while trying to be the voice of reason. Once we landed in Atlanta, I immediately disassociated myself away from him. Based on that situation and several others, his negativity and rudeness needs to stay right in the U S of A.

As you can see I have been in some situations where the travel preference just didn't align with what I believe is necessary for travel: willingness to try new things; explore; and be patient. Learn from Mr. Bourdain as he was one of the few people in this world who knew how to connect cultures together. As based on the quote to the right (picture found from, you either have it or your don't! Leave those with the don't behind!

Have you ever experienced any of these discrepancies with other people? What is a disagreement or misunderstanding you have had with others when you travel? Comment your thoughts below!

Thank you for reading!

~ Kita the Explorer

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