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Why Visit Dublin, Ireland

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Explorers, my last day in Dublin was quite the whirlwind but exciting as I was able to see various sites with the Hop On Hop Off bus! Here is how the day went...

After switching hotels to the Holiday Inn Express Dublin City Centre (because you know points), I walked down the street to pick up my paid ticket for the Hop On Hop Off bus. I paid for a tour that included a trip to Malahide Castle in the morning or afternoon. I decided to "hop on" the 9am bus to Malahide Castle immediately to get my day started!

The double decker bus had plenty of room as it was less than a fourth full with an exciting tour guide! As we made way to the countryside we heard exciting stories about him, his family and landmarks of Dublin. After dodging the limbs of trees along the driveway to the castle, we arrived!!

Our tour group headed to the castle itself to tour the facility and obtain history on the castle. Inside the castle there are three bedrooms and several sitting areas. Afterwards, we were free to roam the grounds until the bus departure time. This castle has its own gardens, peach house, bell tower and chicken yard. Oh and of course there is a place to grab a meal for there or to go but don't do it! Its too expensive!!! See below the slide show of pictures from the castle and gardens taken by me of course!

Malahide Castle is one of the oldest castles in Ireland dating back to the 1100s. It was also home to the Talbot family (who built the home) for around 800 years! Learn more about the castle here!

We left the castle and traveled along the coast back to Dublin's city center. We were able to see the very beautiful landscape of the Dublin Bay and an island (I think it was called Lambay Island but I can't remember 100%) that sits out away from the coast! Yes, an island! I had no idea! Oh and the island randomly houses wallabies from Australia...awkward right?!?! After seeing the more prominent neighborhoods of Dublin and learning about the Great Potato Famine, we reached the Howth Harbour where we stopped for a bite to eat! The driver gave a recommendation for fish and chips and he did not disappoint! Take a look below at some of the pictures from along the coast!

Afterwards, we arrived back in Dublin's City Center. Here I jumped onto another Hop On Hop Off bus to tour the city center and get a history lesson in five hours! The bus took me past Trinity College, The Book of Kells, and Temple Bar (which my guide from the morning recommended to not go to if you want an authentic experience as it is touristy).

The first place I get off the bus at is of no discussion...St. Patrick's Cathedral! You cannot visit Dublin without seeing this!! The Cathedral is magnificent! Of course, when I went a service was in session so I didn't get to see the inside but I can only imagine what it looked like! Here are a few photos from the Cathedral and its grounds...

After spending time at the Cathedral, I hopped back onto the bus and headed to the Guinness Storehouse at the Guinness factory! Here you learn how their beer is made and get a free beer at the top of the building. Here are a few photos from Guinness in the slide show below...

Arthur Guinness made his first brew of ale in 1759! Learn more about Guinness and their deep history here!

Well I hopped back onto the bus and it is crowded!!! I found one last seat at the very back of the second level of the bus which is good because I was tired and wanted space to relax yet still see the sights. As I headed back to the hotel, I was able to see sites such as Phoenix Park, Jameson Distillery, and much more!

At the end of my route, I hopped off the bus and walked across the street to Carroll's Gifts to pick up souvenirs which was a great choice! They had everything!

I also stopped by a pub...because of's Ireland!

Lastly, I headed back to my hotel and prepared for my adventure back to the States. Ireland was a great time and is currently #5 on my country list (subject to change). I recommend visiting if you have time to go to such a laid back and fun culture. Learn more about Ireland in my other posts:

Also, watch my Irish Adventures here:

So when are you headed to Ireland? Comment your thoughts and questions below!

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Thank you for reading!

~ Kita the Explorer

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