World Ventures: Friend or Foe

Have your ever been scammed into thinking about having a fun time only to find out it’s a presentation about World Ventures? Yep, I have and I no longer speak to her unless I run into her. I don’t know if it’s because she realized I wasn’t interested or if its because of my disgust. I don‘t know. But I do know you well never get me to buy anything by tricking me into viewing a presentation.

So why is it a scam? Well, maybe scam is too harsh...let me just call it false advertising or stretching the truth. Let me break down the three red flags I see in why I would not get involved with this World Ventures or Dream Trips.


World Ventures requires you to pay membership fee when you sign up around $280 or more. But get this, you then have to pay at minimum of $57 per month to remain active. If you sign up for their Gold plan, in your first year you will pay a little under $1K! That is a trip right there! You may verify the pricing here.

With this fee, your benefits include personal greetings upon arrival to your destination, a member rate for trips, travel insurance, and few other items not essential to travel. You may view all of their benefits here per membership plan but don't get too excited about them!

In a presentation I saw, a trip to Miami at a 5 star resort and cruise for just three nights is approximately $650 which is okay but not worth paying consistent fees mentioned above!

But to have you avoid looking at these steep fees, they encourage to become a distributor which will lower the amount of your trips. So you trying to get your friends to make more poor money making moves by doing this or trying to convince savvy travelers (which won't work). You can find discounted packaged trips with Groupon or Travelzoo. You can also plan your own travel plan or grab packages from companies like Affordable World or Gate 1. Spend your money wisely explorers!

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The company also offers a volunteer program called VolunTours. Voluntourism is definitely a great way to give back to the community you are visiting but be sure to do it right. Voluntourism could do more harm than good and isn't actually available when volunteers are actually needed. Per the Huffington Post, "during disasters, the majority of meaningful volunteers are usually from the communities themselves." So I suggest if you really want to give back to your vacation community, contact local agencies to help you get in touch with a legitimate organization to give back to either in time and/or money.

Lawsuit & Complaints

They have also been sued for the following:

Even though they are not BBB accredited, they still have numerous complaints against the company. They have rated World Ventures at a C+ due to "failure to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints."

These are way too many red flags for me and it is telling me to stay as far away as possible. If you feel like you must resort to signing up for World Ventures Dream Trips, you need to just take a deep breath and look at all of the travel options in front of you. And if you have trouble, feel free to contact me or follow me on Instagram so I can lead you in the correct direction.

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Have you ever used World Ventures? If so, what was your experience?

Have you ever been suckered into a World Ventures presentation? If so, tell me what happened below!

Thank you for stopping by!

~ Kita the Explorer

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