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How to Support the Black Community

Updated: Mar 5

During this time of unrest and realization of oppression to Black Americans a lot of people wonder how to support the Black Community? How can I be an ally? Well below are FIVE ways you can help the Black Community:

  1. Donate to a supporting agency

  2. Register to vote and actually vote

  3. Research and study

  4. Support black owned businesses

  5. And use your voice

Yes...I know...where is the travel content? Or where is the photography? Well the thing is...I am a Black American. And the one reason why I travel is to understand different cultures while sharing a piece of mine. I hope to expose other cultures that I am not what my country may portray me to be. So today I must come to you on how you can help the community I was born into and that I love despite what we endure.

Male walks past and observes the Black Lives Matter mural in Atlanta on The Beltline
Walking Past the BLM Mural in Atlanta


There are a lot of agencies nationwide and locally individuals can donate to help the cause. Here are a few I recommend:

This is NOT an all inclusive list of organizations you can donate and support to! There are plenty out there. Just be sure to research and ensure you are donating to the right cause!


Using your right to vote is extremely important at the Federal, State and Local level. Each one of these governments impacts your life differently and therefore just showing up to vote for the President will not be fool proof. In local elections, you have issues on the ballot or you may elect a mayor that appoints members in the city which could make or break your life! And don't just vote for a particular party...understand the candidates and how they stand! Then VOTE!

Below are some resources around voting:


Black people can talk to you all day about their different struggles in life and how we were raised to overcome those struggles. These are struggles someone outside of our race will never completely understand. But you can take time to research to be able to provide empathy and support as it is not our responsibility to teach you everything we know. We already have enough mental trauma to deal with instead of relaying our struggles to you. But since I am taking the time today, here is a few of a PLETHORA resources to start with:


There are a lot of business owners with great talent in the Black Community. Here are a few of many businesses you can support and resources to find more:

You can also check out this online directory for a one stop shop to find black owned businesses! Click here to check it out!

Learn more about how you can support a black owned business here!


The most important thing you can do is to use your voice. It is never a time to sit down and be silent especially when you have the power to make a difference. Ways you can use your voice:

  • Write to or call your local representative

  • Sign a petition (here are a few as of June 2, 2020: Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery)

  • Post a video on Facebook or Instagram

  • Speak up when you see injustice happening in front of you

  • Attend a protest and support the community

This clearly isn't all the ways that you can support our community but this should give you a start! Go ahead and research these suggestions and choose which will work best for you. But regardless of what you decide please ALWAYS vote!

Thank you for your support and concern of the Black Community and feel free to leave me any questions down below.


Unknown member
Jul 09, 2020

Thanks so much for sharing this with your audience. Amazing resources and important content!


Unknown member
Jun 09, 2020

Yes, these are some great resources. It's important that keep the movement alive and share how people can be apart of it.


Unknown member
Jun 09, 2020

Yesss these are some great resources! It’s so important that we curate and share the ways people can be part of this historical moment.

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