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Travel to Marseille France for a Day

Updated: Mar 10

Are you planning to travel to Marseille France soon? If so, check out this quick travel guide to Marseille France to help you get started with your planning!

Marseille France brings a different style and flair to a French city as there are Mediterranean and North African influences inside this Southern France city. If you want to visit when not so many tourists are in town, try for Winter. But if you are headed to France during the summer, I wouldn't shy away from this coastal city.

Me leaning against a column at Palais Longchamp in Marseille France
Kita the Explorer at Palais Longchamp in Marseille France

Now time for the quick summary:

Travel to Marseille France

If you are in another French city and want to get to Marseille, I recommend taking the train. The train will take you right into the city and will save you time and money. You may book train tickets with SNCF.

Where to Stay in Marseille

If you are hoping around France by train, stay at the Holiday Inn Express Marseille. This hotel is right across from the Gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles saving you time and money for transportation from this train station. And you are still able to walk, ride share or bike to other popular areas of Marseille from this hotel.

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Things You Must Do

If you enjoy trying different foods, I highly recommend going on this unique food tour through AirBnb Experiences. Skip breakfast to save room for all of the delicious treats such as pizza, brioche sandwiches, and sweets! While trying the foods, you will learn more about Marseille and see some sites!

If you want to see something for FREE, check out Palais Longchamp. Palais Longchamp has absolutely gorgeous architecture. And it is a must-see in Marseille France with a beautiful park where locals tend to congregate to relax. Marseille's Palais Longchamp is an historical monument which was originally built to bring water to the city.

And if you have time and don't want to sleep in like I did, check out Château d'If. This is a fortress that was built in the 16th Century which is located off the shore of Marseille. So yes, you will need to take a boat there from the harbor.

Where to Eat

Being in Marseille for a day doesn't mean you skip out on the meals! Here are some places to eat while in this majestic city (outside of the walking tour):

  • Chicken Chicken: Fast food service

  • Bouillabaisse Turfu: Bouillabaisse is the traditional fish soup of Marseille France and a must try during your visit.

  • La Perle: A nice sit down restaurant along the harbor.

See Inside Marseille

If you would like a visual of Marseille France, check out this video from my travel to Marseille.


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