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Packing Essentials for Vacation!!!

Updated: Mar 6

Hey, Explorers! Today, I'm sharing with you my packing essentials for vacation! Packing is my least favorite thing to do because I have packed way too many times in my life, moved way too many times and packing just SUCKS! So stay tuned as I share things you may have never considered to pack for your next vacation and a freebie towards the end!

A little background....I was living in Augusta, Georgia, and I came to visit my friend in Atlanta every year. And on one visit, I forgot so much stuff like deodorant, toothpaste that I had to go to store to pick up those things. But when you go to a whole new country or whole new place, where you don't know anything, you don't want to have to worry about getting the necessities you should have packed. So when that happened, I created a packing checklist that I can access anywhere!

Picture of me pointing to checklist on my phone

The checklist has various categories from bedroom to the bathroom to the dog's supplies! But today I'm going to share with you SEVEN items you must consider packing for your next trip!

Shower Flip Flops - Hotel (and possibly your Airbnb) floors are not as clean as you may think. And don't even think about that shower floor or bathtub! To prevent picking up anything nasty, make sure you have shower flip flops! Just like in the college dorm!

Nacuwa Travel Bottle - If you are trying to pack liquids (i.e. shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc.) and don't want to carry the entire bottle, the Nacuwa Travel Bottle will help! It will keep your liquids under 3 oz as well as protect them from busting open! You can see my demo and review on YouTube!

Picture of me holding up the Nacuwa Travel Bottle

Wash Cloth - In the US, a lot of us are pretty familiar with using something to put our soap on to help clean ourselves like a wash cloth. And these are usually supplied to us in hotels. Well, not all countries are like this! Be sure to pack one just in case you are headed out of the country!

Pillow Cases - Carrying my own pillow case to sleep on allows me to rest better at night! I know the only face that has ever been on them is my own! And there's nothing like carrying a piece of home with you for your bedroom!

Shoe Covers - SAY WHAT! I carry shoe covers for security checkpoints! This is for when TSA pre-check may not be open or in other countries where I don't have security clearance! When this happens, I have to take my shoes off and I HATE the nasty airport floors. Like who wants to put their feet (even with socks on) back into their shoes after touching that floor?! Not I!

Picture of me packing

Compression Socks - These are a necessity for the plane particularly for long flights! These help keep blood circulation going in your legs!

Door Jammer - To provide extra security for your hotel room, grab yourself a door jammer! You can watch my demo on YouTube!

Purchase your own Door Jammer on Amazon here!

If you want my entire packing checklist which includes these essentials and so much more, click this link to grab it for FREE! And as a bonus, you will also get a FREE travel budget template!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great day or night wherever in the world you are!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 04, 2021

This is such a good post! I would never think to pack shower flip flops but I always need them once I get my destination! I love the pillow case Idea too. I’m going to pin this!

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