The Best Gifts for Travelers

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Even though the pandemic has slowed or put travel to a halt for most people, we all know that will not be forever! When that day comes be sure the special traveler in your life is prepared by gifting them one of these items!!

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1. Hap Tim Soft Cooler

For the road trippers, picnic goers, and festival attendees, this soft cooler is an essential item! This cooler is collapsible making it easy to pack in a suitcase or put to side when not needed. Also, it has a bottle opener attached to side to easily enjoy a nice drink!

Hap Tim Soft Cooler for $24

Hap Tim Soft Cooler Review

2. Camry Digital Luggage Scale

I remember going to Iceland and Denmark a few years ago with luggage full of winter gear (i.e. boots, coat, etc.). On the way there, my luggage was right under the weight limit with the airline. But on the way back, I bought souvenirs such as liquor that filled up my luggage which caused me to be overweight. If I would've had this scale on this trip I would've known I was overweight before arriving to the airport, saving the embarrassment.

This scale is great as it can easily latch onto luggage to lift and weigh. Also, it has the capability to display the weight in metric or imperial (USA) systems. What a quick and easy gift for any traveler!

Camry Digital Luggage Scale for $10

3. Eccolo Passport Cover

For the globetrotters, passports are a necessity but they tend to get a lot of wear and tear unless it has a passport cover to protect it. And why not dress it up with a fashionable cover such as the ones from Eccolo.

**This design is no longer available.

Eccolo Passport Cover for $10

4. myCharge Portable Charger

No one has time to lose all battery power while out on a tour of a lifetime! Phones have to stay charged up to take all of the photos while exploring new territories. But also it needs to stay charged for emergencies or ordering a ride sharing taxi.

This charger is compact so it can fit anywhere and doesn't add much weight!

myCharge Portable Charger for $35

5. Tripshell International Adapter

Yep, not every country has the same electrical outlet. But you don't have to worry with the Tripshell adapter! This adapter works in over 150 countries and has a surge protector! This a must for global citizens!

Tripshell International Adapter for $13

6. Selfie Stick

Having the proper selfie stick is important for a traveler especially if they are going solo! This selfie stick comes with a remote that connects to smartphones through Bluetooth and a proper stand to sit on stable surfaces. This selfie stick is so awesome that I have even used it at home!

Selfie Stick for $24

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7. Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack

Another great necessity for a traveler is a backpack that is lightweight yet fits everything you need inside of it. The backpack is comfortable while carrying and has a place to put a bottle of water. This bag has an anti theft feature which deters people from trying to enter due to its locking mechanisms.

And of course it has an area where you put your headphone wires through the top of the backpack. With so many places to store items inside, how would a traveler not like this!

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack for $68

Travelon Backpack Review

8. Unigear Dry Bag

This is a great grab for those who are into aquatic activities. For water park or beach visits to snorkeling, this bag helps keep belongings on body while not getting wet!

Unigear Dry Bag for $12

9. Shacke Pack Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a travelers best friend!! They help keep items organized within a suitcase and allows space for more items to be packed. This set of packing cubes from Shacke Pack includes four cubes of different sizes for whatever a traveler desires.

Shacke Pack Packing Cubes for $14

Shacke Pack Review

10. Sony Noise Canceling Headsets

Who wouldn't want to drown out the man snoring on the plane or the baby crying nonstop in-flight!!! These headsets are perfect as they provide a noise cancellation feature which can be turned on and off. Also, it connects to smartphones via Bluetooth.

And a plus is that they feel more comfortable while sleeping on the plane than the earphones that someone could lose.

Sony Noise Canceling Headsets for $200 (check for sales during holidays)

11. Face Masks with Filter Pockets

People will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future, so why not make them fashionable! These handmade face masks made by Naheemah Azor Designs is provided in both satin and cotton fabrics in different colors. Also, they have adjustable ear straps and filter pockets to provide for more comfort and protection!

Face Masks for $14 (use code EXPLORER15 at checkout for a discount)

Face Mask Review

12. I Am My Ancestors Wildest Dream Shirt (Bonus)

Recently, I have had several people ask me where did I get this shirt? Well here is your answer! Grab your shirt here now!

I Am My Ancestors Wildest Dream Shirt for $20

These products have been purchased, reviewed and used by Kita the Explorer.

Please note: Kita the Explorer was gifted the face masks from Naheemah Azor Designs but has provided an unbiased reviewed.

Please note: Kita the Explorer was gifted the "I Am My Ancestors Wildest Dream Shirt" from a friend for a birthday!

Prices were accurate at time of writing this article.

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