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FREE Venice Italy Travel Guide - Lessons Learned

Updated: Mar 5

Whenever you think of Venice Italy, you think of the beautiful canals and picturesque landscape. But there are a few things we tend to overlook when preparing for a trip to Venice (we at least I know I did)! Keep reading to get the lessons learned in this FREE Venice Italy travel guide!

Cover photo/Pinterest pin of a gondola on a Venice canal

Comfortable Shoes

When in Venice you will be doing a lot of walking. With that said, make sure you have comfortable shoes to walk around in. Don't think you're going to wear something cute and walk around on those cobblestone streets. And not to mention there are so many stairs to go up and down and bridges to go over. Luckily, I had comfortable shoes and I am so glad I did because that would have just been a miserable day with my feet hurting.

Not Handicap Accessible

Venice was not made for the handicap. If you have to push around someone in a wheelchair in Venice, I pray for you. I saw people with strollers struggling to get over the stairs and over the bridges in Venice. I cannot imagine trying to get someone over with a wheelchair or cane. So if you are an individual who thinks they will not be able to maneuver through those cobblestones stairways, you may want to skip Venice to make life easier and enjoyable!

Getting Around

And remember I said you will be doing a lot of walking. But you do have a FEW other limited options. If you need to get somewhere further away, you may want to consider their water taxis. You can go to the station (similar to a bus station), pay the fair, and it will get you to the next station. But unfortunately, there's only going to be so many of those stations and you're gonna still have to get off the taxi and walk from there.

And if you have the money and want to do it, you could always arrange or have a private boat to take you from point A to B. But again, once you get to your stop, you may still have to walk. So that is up to you and how you want to get around. But at the end of the day you will still do a lot of walking.

Kita the Explorer riding a boat on a canal in Venice


You must consider that it may flood in Venice, particularly from October to January. But it is possible any time of the year for the city to flood due to its level in comparison to the sea. It is possible for it to flood in Venice at least 100 times a year! Therefore, make sure you have water resistant shoes or shoes you don't mind getting messed up.

Narrow Alleys

Now, Venice has some tight alleyways! Sometimes it can hardly fit two people where two people have to go in both directions. You may have to turn to the side to get through sometimes or rush through the alley before someone comes from other direction. They're not all like this but most of them are going to be tight.

Kita the Explorer standing in a Venice alley


Venice can get really expensive if you let it. You will see a lot of expensive shops as you walk the streets (cough...alleys). So you could really end up spending a lot. Plus, the city really caters to tourists. And when a place caters to tourists, they're definitely going to hike up the prices because tourists are there to have a good time and spend money. But it is possible for you to control your costs and not let it be expensive at all which was my experience.

Updated Maps

Now you want to make sure you have your map application on your phone updated and have the map of Venice downloaded for offline use just in case you lose service. If you don't have a map, it is very easy to get lost in Venice amongst all of the alleys. Plus, sometimes it is hard to see the street signs.

I hope these quick lessons learned was helpful to you. If you would like to see my Venice trip to help you plan for your time there, please click on the video below to watch and learn more!

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